the Celestial Mirror
There was a time when the world was different. It was sparkling and clear. The sky over this wondrous world spread like a huge transparent crystal, and was called the Celestial Mirror.

Everything that happened on the surface of the world was reflected in the mirror. It protected the world from all troubles. Therefore, there was no fear nor darkness in the world, and all beings lived in joy and harmony with one another.

About Zelo
Zelo is a mountain spirit. He was born in the depths of the iron mountains.
When Zelo came out into the Light, he looked up to the sky and saw the beautiful world around him, as well as his own reflection in the Celestial Mirror.

It frightened Zelo, who began to throw huge rocks into the sky with wild fury, trying to kill that fearsome celestial beast...

The Celestial Mirror cracked and shattered into billions of crystals, showering the whole universe in a sparkling rain.

About Ginkgo
Have you ever thought about why it is often a very small and seemingly weak character who has to save the world ? You can find a lot of examples in ancient and modern epic stories where someone who is weaker externally turns out to be a "tough nut".

Ginkgo is named after of one of the oldest species of tree on the planet. We decided that this was a suitable name for this character, who will jump over thousands of thorns, climb onto hundreds of rocks, survive many traps and solve complex puzzles. And most importantly, he will collect the crystals of the celestial mirror and save the world.