gamedev. references for Environments
About the Environments
and 2d Platformers
We're relying on a huge number of references to get everything right.
We aim to enhance the user's experience with vivid, lifelike visuals. Bright colors, warm light, natural textures, hand-painted details...

Many people have told us that the time of 2D-platformers is gone... We know we're not pioneers. But we decided to go ahead anyway and to try and create a 2D game that people will like to play. We knew we could do it thanks to our experience creating children's apps.

It also gives us a chance to personally do everything from the beginning to the end, just the three of us. It not only means that we clearly know WHAT we will do and HOW we will do it, but also that we can try to complete it las quickly as possible. After all, now the deadlines depend only on ourselves.

We think we can do this because there are other small teams that developed great 2D platformers that we really liked, such as Badland and Leo's Fortune. It's inspiring.

Samples of referenses
that were used to create immersive environments for Araucaria's Forest